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Armor Kovico
  • Kovico is the the leading manufacturer of automobile industry. Since 1967 Kovico has manufactured various types of military vehicles for Republic of Korea Armed Forces, and also for commercial auto parts for commercial vehicles makers.
    Armored, Special Vehicles
    Armor Kovico was born to be in charge of exclusive supplying armored vehicles not only for International Police Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies but also for Armed Forces. Armor Kovico also manufactures special purpose vehicles such as Mobile Hospital Units and Mobile Post Units etc.
    • Armored Vehicles
    • Mobile Post Units
    • Mobile Hospital Units
    Some of armored vehicles from Armor Kovico are built on heavy-duty commercial truck chassis platforms. This allows for warranty covered repairs, maintenance service and parts replacements on the vehicle chassis at any number of OEM dealers, truck centers and retail parts stores.

    Some of armored vehicles are built on self-developed special chassis for armored vehicles exclusively. This self-developed special chassis obtained KOLAS certificate by Agency for Defense Development(ADD). This also allows for warranty, after-sales services and parts replacements.

    Our armored vehicles are built with certified bulletproof steel plate & glass that meet the high protection level, while ceilings and floors provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection.
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